Virginia Mobile Handpiece Repair

Are you a dentist in the Richmond, Virginia area? Are you too busy attending to your patients and enjoying life to get bogged down with minute details of your business? Do you wish there was a way to save time and money at the office?

Lucky for you, Mobile Handpiece Repair provides just that service. We are a door-to-door mobile unit that repairs dental handpieces and keeps your business operational.

Advantages of Our Services

So why use Mobile? Here are some of the advantages we offer:

  • Cheap: We cost less than taking your tools to a serviceman or sending them to the warehouse for fixing.
  • Convenient: Our technicians show up right at the office.
  • Fast: We take about an hour to repair your equipment.
  • Versatile: Mobile fixes most major handpieces on the market.
  • Local: We have only two locations, CA and VA, so you can be assured of personal assistance and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Take a Look

Browse through our website to see a list of brands we service and some that we sell, as well as additional ways to save time and money, like setting up monthly checkups. With Mobile Handpiece Repair, you can relieve stress and make the work day simpler.


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