Are you a dentist in the Richmond, Virginia area? Are you too busy attending to your patients and enjoying life to get bogged down with minute details of your business? Do you wish there was a way to save time and money at the office?

Lucky for you, Mobile Handpiece Repair provides just that service. We are a door-to-door mobile unit that repairs dental handpieces and keeps your business operational. Read More

If you own a dentist’s office, your time is very valuable. You have to balance treating patients, overseeing tasks, and performing day-to-day operations. The last thing you need is to worry about faulty equipment. So how do you prevent a failure from your tools? Read More

Calling all Los Angeles dentists! Calling all Los Angeles dentists!

This is your chance to learn about an amazing time & money saving opportunity. Mobile handpiece repair is the revolutionary way to keep your dental instruments tuned without wasting extra time or dipping deep into funds to do so.

How beneficial is our service? Let me go through the ways in which we help your business. Read More

High speed and low speed dental handpieces are both essential pieces of dentistry equipment. But what exactly are the differences between the two?

Here is a brief overview that should help clarify the distinction between these two items. Read More

Mobile Handpiece Repair works hard to provide the greater Los Angeles and Virginia areas with our dental handpiece repair services. We respond to client’s phone calls within 24 hours and finish routine inspections and complicated repairs within an hour or so of arriving at your dentist’s office.


Our commitment to quality work and speedy timing has made us a leader in the industry. But there is one particular area where we especially excel, and that is with the Tosi brand of dental hand pieces. Read More

Inevitably, you dental handpiece units will break down and require repair. That is the reality of operating a business; you need to set aside capital for extra expenses. The gears are going to wear down, the individual parts will break, and the tool will start making funny noises that can be off-putting to your patients.

Luckily, there are ways for you to prevent or delay this from happening by taking excellent care of your dental tools. Here are some maintenance tips that will hopefully extend the life of your equipment. Read More

If you work as a dentist or dental assistant, you have probably encountered a situation where your equipment starts acting up. The dental handpiece starts making a weird buzzing sound, it smokes, it vibrates too much, or just won’t turn on at all. It is time to get the tool fixed.

But what should you do with this problem? There are a few different paths to take, including sending it to the manufacturer, bringing it into a repair shop, or, best of all, calling a mobile repair service.

What are the advantages offered by Mobile Handpiece Repair over the competition? Here we lay out all of the reasons why you would want to use our service. Read More would like to welcome you to our remodeled website! We have streamlined the layout to make it easier to find the products and services our clients desire. New drop down menus make browsing the site easier than ever, while you are still guaranteed the same high-quality work.

Mobile services dental handpieces in Los Angeles, California and Virginia with our mobile units. We can meet you directly at your place of business within 24 hours of your phone call, saving you time and money versus getting the item repaired by a manufacturer.

In addition to ease of use, the new design features more information and specific details about our business. We offer repair services, maintenance tips, brand reviews, and product selections. Take a look at the new website and you will see that is an industry leader for quick, efficient, and friendly service at your dentist office.