Attachment Service

If your dentistry equipment is in need of attachment services, there is no better business than Mobile Handpiece Repair for quick, convenient, and affordable help.

Mobile Handpiece Repair is, as the name suggests, “mobile,” which means that we show up to your location for dental handpiece repairs. No more shipping your dentistry equipment back to the manufacturer or driving it to a workshop; instead you simply call our phone number and we send a technician to your location.

Along with low and high speed handpiece repairs, Mobile also specializes in attachment services. We can fix or replace malfunctioning attachments with new or refurbished products. Some of the attachments we work with include bearings, springs, fiber optics, and seals. We also test for balancing, bearing lubrication, and other sources of future problems.

Mobile Handpiece Repair

Check out what Mobile Handpiece Repair features beyond attachment services:

Dentistry Equipment

Mobile offers dental handpiece repair services to fix your dentistry equipment. Our business can show up at your dentist office and perform the repairs at your location, helping you save time and money over returning to the producer. We employ a qualified team which can finish most upkeep to endodontic instruments within an hour or so. Below are a few of the services we provide:

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