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Mobile Handpiece Repair is ready to help you make the switch to a dependable handpiece repair service that you have been looking for. Call us to get ON-SITE repair service or simply send your handpiece(s) in directly to us. You may also contact us and talk with one of our experienced handpiece technicians today. Free estimates are given and no work is done without your approval.

Mobile Handpiece Repair can save your office time and money through our onsite service program. All highly skilled technicians are specially trained to repair and rebuild handpiece turbines, saving as much as $75 to $250 per call. Best of all, most repairs can be performed onsite or within 24 hours so your equipment is always up and running properly.

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Los Angeles, California
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  • Monthly onsite cleaning and lubrication service minimizes equipment damage.
  • Early diagnosis of problems before major breakdowns saves time and money
  • Having all of your handpieces operating efficiently increases your bottom line
  • Many services are performed in minutes; monthly services in about one hour
  • Repair estimates are provided free on request; rebuilds cost less than $100
  • Competitive warranty on all parts and labor
  • Mobile Handpiece Repairs are guaranteed complete in 24 hours or less*

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